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About My Van (aka Mobile Cabin)

This page is a summary of articles outlining my journey over the years. As I look back and read through the articles, I realize I allowed life to get in the way. My new motto is, "If not now, when?". I'm not getting any younger, so I had better make the best of it.


On the RoadThe pandemic did much to change life's landscape. There is an ever-increasing number of people willing to try nomadic living. Folks are moving from the city in droves. With the ability to work remotely, people are beginning to remove the blinders and stretch their wings. The thought of commuting to an office and sitting with a mask on for hours on end is not appealing. As such, those who can have taken their technology on the road.

We are experiencing a new normal.


2020 Was a heck of a year! The COVID pandemic did much to change our lives. Not only did it force us to quarantine and stay at home, it also increased interest in the RV/Van/Nomadic lifestyle.


The demise of my beloved 1999 Chevy Express coincided with the onset of the pandemic. Here I was with a vehicle that would not pass inspection and in dire need of a new set of wheels. Pandemic or not, I needed to find another conversion van.

While folks were hunkered down and afraid to leave the house, I continued to search for a replacement ride. Fortunately, just 4 hours away was the perfect van for my needs. I share the story in the solo van post I wrote in 2020 below:


If I knew what the year 2020 had in store for all of us, I would have worked a little harder and quicker on my van. As the saying goes...everything happens for a reason. Below I share my 2019 van experiences:


Like a kid in a candy shop, I'm so happy to finally make some much-needed changes to MoCa, my conversion van! Here's some of what I did:

Happy as a Kid in a Candy Shop


2017 was my first introduction to owning and potentially living/traveling in a van. I was so happy to have it, yet too scared to do much with it.

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