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Breakfast at the Southland Restaurant

While on the road driving back home to New York, we stopped at the Southland Restaurant in Moyock, North Carolina. Usually when traveling from North Carolina to New York we have breakfast at the Waffle House in Virginia Beach, but because we were very hungry, we didn’t want to wait until we reached Virginia. Since the Southland Restaurant was conveniently located, we decided to stop and eat. What a mistake. The hostess was very friendly, but there were a few obvious clues that we probably should have kept driving.

We were seated immediately and our server came to take our order. My son opted for the buffet. I took a look at the buffet and decided I’d rather order something specific from the menu. My hubby and I placed our orders off the menu while our son loaded up at the buffet.

Not wanting his food to get cold, we told him, “Go ahead and eat. Don’t wait for us.” So he did. He ate, finished his plate and went for a second helping. My son is 6’3” and athletic…he can put away quite a bit of food. He commenced on his second plate while we waited.

Southland Restaurant Buffet Meal

In the meanwhile, while we waited and waited and waited for our food, the family at the table next to us also waited and waited. They were waiting for a server to come and take their order. We were all playing a waiting game.

Placing our Food Order

Finally, a waitress came and took the neighboring table’s order (they opted for the buffet). The family of three filled their plates, returned to their seats and waited. There was no silverware at the buffet station so they waited for the waitress to come back to bring them silverware. Normally, in such situations I’d take the silverware from the nearest available unused table, but all of the tables surrounding us were dirty. The patrons had left and no one cleared or cleaned the tables.  There was no readily available clean silverware to be had.

We waited and they waited. Finally, after about 30 minutes, I got up, walked over to the kitchen, found an employee and cancelled the menu order. My husband and I were pretty hungry at this point and realized the only way we were going to quell the rumbling stomach was to partake of the buffet, so we did. Fortunately our table had silverware so once we plated our meals we were able to eat.

Scrounging the Southland Restaurant Buffet Remnants

By the time we went to the buffet, many of the food receptacles were empty. Our food selection was meager so we had to take what was there. No more ham, no more French toast, no more of the things we wanted, so we opted for eggs, sausage and fruit.

As we were walking back to our tables, the waitress made a rare appearance asking if we wanted more coffee. I guess it was safe to stop by the table now since we had food. She also finally gave the neighboring table silverware.

Shortly after sitting with our breakfast buffet remnants, the hostess came by and advised they were swapping the breakfast menu for lunch and we were more than welcome to partake of the lunch menu.  My husband and I looked at each other, shook our heads and knew it was time for us to leave.

Southland Restaurant – Never Again

We stopped at the Southland Restaurant because we had been on the road for a bit and were hungry. We didn’t pay much attention to the uncleared tables because we assumed it was a busy day and the staff would clear the dirty tables while we ate. However during the 30 minutes we waited for our food, all the tables remained dirty. They were still dirty when we finished our meals. I’m not sure if the tables were dirty because there wasn’t enough staff or because of poor management. Either way, it didn’t bode well.

On a positive note, the food did not cause stomach distress. That’s very important when dining out. 🙂

I’ve been told to never say never so I won’t say that I’ll never eat at the Southland Restaurant again. What I will say is if I were given the choice of 100 restaurants at which to dine, Southland Restaurant would be choice 100.

About the author: Felicia likes to traipse around and write about her traipsings. In her mind, she lives in an RV and gets to travel to beautiful places far and near. However, in reality, she traipses around in her mobile cabin, MoCa. With MoCa she’s slowly (and I mean slowly) transitioning her mind to leave the ‘safe world’ of bricks and sticks in favor of the unpredictable world of van travel.

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