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My First Experience with Harvest Hosts

Originally published: July 22, 2019

In my last post, I concluded with my desire to spend my birthday night at a local winery using my Harvest Hosts membership. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. It’s unfortunate on many levels. Here’s what happened:

Millbrook Winery

I attempted to reserve a night at Millbrook Winery. Figuring it was a popular place, I called about a month ahead to reserve the night of my birthday. Since weekends were most likely busy their busiest times, I was glad that I wanted to reserve a Tuesday night.Wine

When I spoke to the person in charge of reservations, it seemed as if she was not truly receptive to having overnighters. I was told that the Tuesday I wanted was booked. Naturally, I was disappointed but was willing to take another day, so I asked about availability.

Go to a Campground

She told me they were booked pretty much all month and the following month. No problem, I’m flexible, so I inquired about late August or September. Instead of letting me know whether there were openings, she said they only had one overnight camping spot and it books up quickly. She then asked “Why not try Hyde Park? They have campgrounds there.”

I thanked her and hung up. Honestly, if I wanted a campground in Hyde Park, I would have called a campground in Hyde Park. What I wanted to do was spend an overnight in a scenic Hudson Valley winery. I wanted to wake up on my birthday morning to a beautiful vineyard and not a campground.

Buy Local

I’ve been to Millbrook winery before and it is beautiful. As a localvore, I usually select Millbrook Chardonnay wine when dining in local restaurants. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was in the winery’s response to my request.  Well, I get to vote with my dollars so no more Millbrook wine for me.

Harvest Hosts Review

Harvest Hosts

This was my first attempt to use my Harvest Hosts membership. I’m sure this was an anomaly. I hope I have better luck with the next establishment. However, I attempted to share my experience by writing a review on the Harvest Hosts site.  Unfortunately, my review was never published.

I contacted Harvest Hosts through email about the review. The person I contacted saw my review and explained that all reviews go through their review process before being published. Hmmm, guess my review was deemed not publishable because it never showed up on the Harvest Hosts site.

Twice Disappointed

I’m saddened about the situation, not so much because my review wasn’t published, but because I didn’t get to spend the night at a winery that I like.  My review not being published was also unfortunate because it was my first and only interaction with Harvest Hosts. I am still looking forward to an amicable relationship with them, but my first experience was not a favorable one.

About the Author: Felicia likes to traipse around and write about her traipsings. FeliciaIn her mind, she lives in an RV and gets to travel to beautiful places far and near. However, in reality, she traipses around in her mobile cabin, Faith, a 2005 Chevy Express Conversion van. With Faith, she’s slowly (and I mean slowly) transitioning her mind to leave the ‘safe world’ of bricks and sticks in favor of the unpredictable world of van travel.

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