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My Mobile Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods

All too often my people hear me lament, “I want my cabin in the woods!” Every time things get a bit overwhelming or the noise and busyness of daily activities begin to assault my sometimes fragile senses, I cry out for my cabin in the woods. Actually, it’s more like George Costanza’s father, Frank, screaming, [...]

Scamp Trailer – A Gal Can Dream

Scamp Trailer Feature Image

If you don’t go for what you want (in this case a Scamp trailer), don’t expect things to just plop into your lap. Okay, don’t judge me. I’m learning to operate under my new rule of “Don’t stop yourself (within reason). Let someone else tell you no.” Give me a  minute to explain. All too [...]

Dining at Bonsai Restaurant in Poughkeepsie, NY

Bonsai II

I’d be lying if I said this was the first time I’ve eaten at Bonsai II restaurant. Actually it’s a restaurant that we go to quite frequently. The reason we go there so often is because the food is good. Not only is the food good but the service is excellent and relatively inexpensive to [...]

Traipsing around with the WAZE App

WAZE App Icon

If you’re using a vehicle to travel the country’s highways and byways, the WAZE app may be for you. WAZE is a turn-by-turn user friendly navigation app. It’s compatible with both android and iPhones. Prior to using WAZE I used the Google Maps app to get me from one place to another. In general Google [...]

Dining at the I84 Diner in Fishkill NY

I84 Diner

After the long trip from NC (and a disappointing breakfast at The Southland Restaurant), we were weary and in need of sustenance. We stopped at the I84 Diner in Fishkill, NY. It was around 8:30 or 9:00pm so we opted for a dinner of soup and burger. Since we’re following a ketogenic lifestyle, our soups and [...]

Breakfast at the Southland Restaurant

Southland Restaurant

While on the road driving back home to New York, we stopped at the Southland Restaurant in Moyock, North Carolina. Usually when traveling from North Carolina to New York we have breakfast at the Waffle House in Virginia Beach, but because we were very hungry, we didn’t want to wait until we reached Virginia. Since [...]

A Trip Across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

What a marvel that Chesapeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel. Every time I drive across the 20-mile structure, I’m impressed. As an architect’s daughter I might have a deeper appreciation for its construction than the average Joe. I wish I took more photos of it, especially the sections of the bridge where it disappears beneath the water. What [...]

Visiting North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Outer Banks

Boy did we ever miss the mark when we drove through North Carolina and never visited the Outer Banks. As a family, we often vacationed at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Depending on the age of our kids and the need for bathroom breaks, the trip took anywhere from 16 hours straight through or a couple [...]

Stopping by The Rosendale Cafe

The Rosendale Cafe

I wish I had written about the Rosendale Cafe right after I visited it but I didn’t (blast that darn procrastination). Anyway, a few months ago my daughter and I were in Rosendale on a failed Craigslist run. After the long unsuccessful trip, we were hungry and decided to stop in the Cafe for breakfast. [...]

What Do You See?


Sometimes when I’m traipsing around, I have to stop and remind myself to be present in the moment.  Often I’m imagining where I’d be or what I’d be doing if I were in my RV or travel trailer (no, I don’t have one, but would like one).  I think about how far I could adventure [...]