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Getting Closer to Owning My Mobile Cabin

Back in March, I wrote about looking for a mobile cabin. The first thing I needed to do was find a way to finance my mobile cabin. Fortunately, I’m able to cross off the first item on my “to do” list because I found employment. Granted, it’s part-time employment, but it is a start for financing my journey. I’m still keeping my eyes open in search of additional money-making opportunities to help things move along quicker.

Searching for the Vehicle

I’ve constantly scoured Craigslist and Letgo in search of the right vehicle. My requirements frequently changed so that made searching difficult. I finally narrowed things down to either a conversion van or a Roadtrek. At first, I wanted a cargo van that I could totally convert, but that would take me forever. I really wanted to be able to hit the ground running and take small trips immediately. That way I could make improvements on an as-needed basis. A blank cargo van wouldn’t allow that.Blank Slate

I quickly realized was there weren’t too many Roadtreks or nice conversion vans within my price range. Because of my meager budget, I had to consider much older vehicles. After all, a new Roadtrek can set a person back by six figures and that’s too expensive for my blood!

Finding the Right Conversion Van

I think I found what I want. It’s a 1999 Chevy Mark III Conversion van. It had only one owner and this owner took great care of the vehicle. Look at her, she’s a beaut, isn’t she?Mobile Cabin

Just for grins, I contacted the owner to take a look at the van. Because I didn’t really know what type of rig would be best for me, I felt I should start seeing, touching, feeling and driving a few to get a better idea of what I wanted. Here’s the problem: I got in the van and fell head over heels in love with it!

A Little about the Van

The owner kept records of all the changes and repairs he made to the vehicle. He’s sort of an automotive geek and swapped out, replaced and improved just about everything. Although the car has 140,000 miles on it, only 45,000 are on the new and improved Crate 5.7/350 CI engine. Honestly, I don’t know what that all means, but I did a quick internet search on the engine and realized it’s a good engine.Inside Mobile Cabin

He’s a family man and took a nostalgic trip down memory lane sharing the various journeys he took with his family in the van. Now since his kids are older, they use the van for tailgating and other such fun events. With his son’s wedding only a few weeks away and the daughter no longer living at home, his wife “gave him permission” to sell it (aka put her foot down).Another Shot of the Mobile Cabin

To compliment his auto nerdiness, his wife had a decorating flair. She made curtains for all of the windows. The curtains are placed over the factory-installed folding blinds. The curtains add a bit more privacy, not only over the windows but between the front cab and the back of the van.

The van is clean and does not smell of smoke (that’s very important to me). There was, however, one glaring issue, the large spider crack in the windshield. Fortunately, that’s an easy fix. Having full glass coverage means his insurance company foots the bill for the repair. His reason for not repairing it earlier is his lack of trust in window repair. In the past, when he had windows replaced, they leaked and he just didn’t want to go through that again. I understood his reasoning, but the vehicle would not pass inspection with the cracked windshield.

Calm Down Felicia!

Not being confident in my car knowledge, I forwarded the vehicle’s information to a car nerd friend of mine. He confirmed that it was a great buy! Oh boy, now what do I do? I only saved up enough for half the cost of the van!Can't Wait

Well, as luck would have it, the seller came down on the price and I was able to come up with more cash to purchase the van. There were a couple of rust spots underneath that I’m hoping won’t be big issues. Rust is nothing fun to contend with. However, as one who owns a minivan with rust, I’m no stranger to it.

The Mobile Cabin is Almost Mine

If all goes well, I could be driving my new mobile cabin by Friday. I’ll end this post here. If my next post isn’t about my new mobile cabin, you’ll know things didn’t work out and I’m back to the drawing board. However, if I start gushing about my mobile cabin, you’ll know things went according to plan.

Wish me luck!

About the author: Felicia likes to traipse around and write about her traipsings. In her mind, she lives in an RV and gets to travel to beautiful places far and near. However, in reality, she traipses around in her mobile cabin, MoCa. With MoCa she’s slowly (and I mean slowly) transitioning her mind to leave the ‘safe world’ of bricks and sticks in favor of the unpredictable world of van travel.

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