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I'm not sure what type of spin this page will take, but I will share links to articles about my experiences at various restaurants. I'll also include links to some of my cooking successes and failures.

The biggest issue I have with this is I often get so fully engrossed in my meal that I forget to take photos and write about the experience. Half the time I'm almost done with my meal before I remember to take a photo. Oh well, I'll improve over time.


I know we ate out a lot in 2018, but I didn't write about many of the experiences. Here are a few local reveiws


We only took one out-of-state trip in 2017 and that was to North Carolina. Because we visited family (and they're great cooks), we didn't eat out much. Our only dining out was a miserable experience at the Southland Restaurant in Moyock, NC. The rest of the meals were local to the Hudson Valley

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