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Mobile Cabin

1999 Chevy Conversion Van Repairs

Chevy Conversion Van Repairs

One thing I’m learning is if you want to use a 1999 Chevy Conversion van as a mobile cabin, you have to keep it running properly. The upkeep is much less expensive than the upkeep of a house. But, if you don’t do things right, you can cost yourself a lot of money. The other [...]

Coleman 4-in-1 Table

Now that I have the Coleman cook top, I needed a camping table to put it on. What better table than a Coleman camping table. The only problem is there are so many different types and configurations of camping tables that a gal can become overwhelmed. To prevent table overload, I had to stop and [...]

Thermik Cooler

Now that I have my mobile cabin, I’m slowly preparing it for my traipsing around road trips. One of the must-haves when taking an extended road trip is a cooler. Or, if not a cooler something to keep the food cold. I didn’t want to purchase and install a refrigerator because currently, I don’t know [...]

Cooking with Coleman

In preparation for traipsing around in my mobile cabin, I purchased a Coleman 2 burner classic propane camping stove.  What I like about it is it’s inexpensive, light-weight, portable and functional. Having never used an outdoor propane stove before, I made sure to read the directions thoroughly. There’s something about propane that invokes every cautious [...]

1999 Chevy Express 1500 – My Mobile Cabin

Chevy Conversion Van

I’m now the proud owner of a 1999 Chevy Express 1500 Conversion Van, my mobile cabin! Everything went according to plan. The only downer is the feelings of the prior owner. It was obvious he really loved this van. He took meticulous care of it. As he was giving me instructions on how things worked, [...]

Getting Closer to Owning My Mobile Cabin

Mobile Cabin

Back in March, I wrote about looking for a mobile cabin. The first thing I needed to do was find a way to finance my mobile cabin. Fortunately, I’m able to cross off the first item on my “to do” list because I found employment. Granted, it’s part-time employment, but it is a start for [...]

My Mobile Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Woods

All too often my people hear me lament, “I want my cabin in the woods!” Every time things get a bit overwhelming or the noise and busyness of daily activities begin to assault my sometimes fragile senses, I cry out for my cabin in the woods. Actually, it’s more like George Costanza’s father, Frank, screaming, [...]

Scamp Trailer – A Gal Can Dream

Scamp Trailer Feature Image

If you don’t go for what you want (in this case a Scamp trailer), don’t expect things to just plop into your lap. Okay, don’t judge me. I’m learning to operate under my new rule of “Don’t stop yourself (within reason). Let someone else tell you no.” Give me a  minute to explain. All too [...]