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About Traipsing Around

The powers that be required that I expand my “About” page. My original about wording was as follows:

“This site is here because I like to write and I like to eat. I also like to wander around. Simple as that.”

Bla Bla BlaApparently, that was not enough of an explanation of what this site is about. So, for the long-drawn-out, verbose explanation of what is all about, pull up a chair, grab a cup of coffee (for the morning readers) or a glass of wine (for the evening readers) and have a read:

Who Am I?

I’m Felicia.  I’m a middle-aged (I use the term loosely) woman who loves to learn, tinker, travel, eat, take photos and explore life. I’m married with children and grandchildren.

Because I feel there’s still a lot of dance left in this old gal, I’ve decided to leave normalcy at this time in my life to go out and dance. When I say dance, I mean dance to the beat of my own drummer. My goal is to turn down the monotonous drumbeat of the status quo and turn up the drumbeat playing just for me.

BTW, everyone has a special drumbeat, but the status quo plays their music so loud that you’ve got to strain to hear yours.The more you get in tune with your own drumbeat, the louder it gets.

Why this site?

I created this site because I like to write. I also like to share information that I believe will be useful to others. Although I’m not a teacher, I’m sort of like a teacher. Actually, everyone is sort of like a teacher. There’s always something to learn from someone else.

Yadda Yadda Yadda

This site is also an outlet for me. I am not surrounded by like-minded individuals. As such, I need an outlet to express/share my interests, thoughts and newly learned skills. is that place.

What Will You Find Here?

On this site, my writings will center around traipsing. Whether it’s about me getting up the nerve to actually leave my house to begin an adventure or the steps I’ve taken to convert my van. The site will be part adventure, part philosophy and always an honest representation of myself.

What to Expect

Expect that I’ll write when I have something to say, and not write when I have nothing to say. In other words, this blog is not about posting new content on a set schedule.

I make sure to date each article so you can get an idea of my writing irregularity. If you like what you see so far, please subscribe to receive notifications of new content.

Thanks for stopping by!

Felicia See ya!

Last Modified: 4 May 2021

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