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Minimal Build Van Build

DIY Van Build

Well, the fun has begun. Now that I know the Roadtrek is not an option, I’m going full tilt with converting my 2005 Chevy Express Conversion van (her name is Faith). The good thing about this van build is it is much cheaper than purchasing the Roadtrek I wanted. Also, my conversion is an all-cash [...]

I Almost had A Roadtrek


My oh my, how things have changed! Not too long ago I was looking to sell my 2005 Chevy Conversion van and purchase an RV. More specifically, I was looking for a used Roadtrek. I made sure to get a pre-approval from my bank so when I finally found the one I wanted, all I [...]

Good Bye MoCa, Hello Faith!


Well, I guess all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of my beloved 1999 Chevy Express, MoCa. It was a shock to me when I brought her for her annual inspection to find out that she failed. In disbelief, I asked the tech why. He explained that all [...]

Van Repairs – 1999 Chevy Express

Chevy Express

I started writing about my van repairs back in July of this year and never finished it. So, I’ll pretend it’s July and finish writing the post with a current update at the end. I guess when you have a 20-year-old vehicle, you should expect things to happen. Recently, after a long cold winter, I’ve [...]

Harvest Hosts

In my last post, I concluded with my desire to spend my birthday night at a local winery using my Harvest Hosts membership. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. It’s unfortunate on many levels. Here’s what happened: Millbrook Winery I attempted to reserve a night at Millbrook Winery. Figuring it was a popular place, I called [...]

First Night Sleeping in a Van

Extended Bed

OK, it’s been almost a year and I finally spent the night in my van. Yes, I was in my driveway, but so what! I’m proud of myself that I finally took the plunge and spent a night in the van that I bought for the sole purpose of traipsing around and exploring. I’ve got [...]

Swivel Seat for Passenger Chair

Swiveled Chair

I’m so thrilled the installation of the swivel base for the passenger seat in my 1999 Chevy Express went without a hitch. Because of the size and weight of the swivel base, I knew I wanted to install it correctly the first go ‘round. I had no desire to install, uninstall and reinstall because I [...]

Van Life: What to Do about Showering?


If you’re reading this because you’re thinking of living in a van and are concerned about where to shower, this might or might not be the article for you. Truthfully, I’m probably in the same boat as you. I want to try the van life thing, but am concerned about showering (My last two posts [...]

Gotta Go

Subsequent to the earlier post about my van’s sink, even more important than a sink is a portable toilet. I knew that if I were going to take MoCa on the road for extended trips, I would need a bathroom. Granted, there are plenty of available restrooms on the road, but if you’re in a [...]

Adding a Sink to a 1999 Chevy Conversion Van

1999 Chevy Express Sink

I created a functioning sink for my 1999 Chevy Express conversion van.  Back when I decided I wanted to give this van traveling a try, I knew there were certain creature comforts I felt I couldn’t live without. This gal wants a sink, bathroom and shower. Of those three basic needs, I  want to talk [...]

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