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Good Bye MoCa, Hello Faith!


Well, I guess all good things must come to an end. Unfortunately, I had to get rid of my beloved 1999 Chevy Express, MoCa. It was a shock to me when I brought her for her annual inspection to find out that she failed. In disbelief, I asked the tech why. He explained that all [...]

Van Repairs – 1999 Chevy Express

Chevy Express

I started writing about my van repairs back in July of this year and never finished it. So, I’ll pretend it’s July and finish writing the post with a current update at the end. I guess when you have a 20-year-old vehicle, you should expect things to happen. Recently, after a long cold winter, I’ve [...]

Harvest Hosts

In my last post, I concluded with my desire to spend my birthday night at a local winery using my Harvest Hosts membership. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. It’s unfortunate on many levels. Here’s what happened: Millbrook Winery I attempted to reserve a night at Millbrook Winery. Figuring it was a popular place, I called [...]

First Night Sleeping in a Van

Extended Bed

OK, it’s been almost a year and I finally spent the night in my van. Yes, I was in my driveway, but so what! I’m proud of myself that I finally took the plunge and spent a night in the van that I bought for the sole purpose of traipsing around and exploring. I’ve got [...]

Swivel Seat for Passenger Chair

Swiveled Chair

I’m so thrilled the installation of the swivel base for the passenger seat in my 1999 Chevy Express went without a hitch. Because of the size and weight of the swivel base, I knew I wanted to install it correctly the first go ‘round. I had no desire to install, uninstall and reinstall because I [...]

Van Life: What to Do about Showering?


If you’re reading this because you’re thinking of living in a van and are concerned about where to shower, this might or might not be the article for you. Truthfully, I’m probably in the same boat as you. I want to try the van life thing, but am concerned about showering (My last two posts [...]

Gotta Go

Subsequent to the earlier post about my van’s sink, even more important than a sink is a portable toilet. I knew that if I were going to take MoCa on the road for extended trips, I would need a bathroom. Granted, there are plenty of available restrooms on the road, but if you’re in a [...]

Adding a Sink to a 1999 Chevy Conversion Van

1999 Chevy Express Sink

I created a functioning sink for my 1999 Chevy Express conversion van.  Back when I decided I wanted to give this van traveling a try, I knew there were certain creature comforts I felt I couldn’t live without. This gal wants a sink, bathroom and shower. Of those three basic needs, I  want to talk [...]

Road Trips and Mechanical Problems


I finally took MoCa (my 1999 Chevy Express van) out for her maiden voyage.  The hubby, my daughter and I took a 1,800 mile round trip to Georgia to see family.  MoCa behaved beautifully. It was great getting on the open road to see what she could do. MoCa – My 1999 Chevy Express There [...]

DIY Privacy Curtains for the Mobile Cabin

DIY Privacy Curtains

In order to make traveling in MoCa (my 1999 Chevy Express Conversion van) comfortable, I knew I needed DIY privacy curtains.  To make this happen, I went to WalMart and found “room darkening” curtains. It was my belief that room darkening curtains plus the already installed conversion van blinds would give me total privacy. I [...]

Privacy Preference Center